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About Us

Taking a metabolic, integrative approach enables us to look at positive strategies at every stage of dealing with cancer.  From prevention through to post treatment, applying a broader approach of metabolic theories which is helping our clients deal with cancer in a more positive manner.  From staying well through treatments to taking charge of their recoveries and working in a specific, research-based methodology, which is informed by knowledge of both themselves and their cancer. 

With metabolic flexibility we can apply a wider approach which blocks pathways that cancer may go down if becoming resistant to treatment and people are seeing their treatment working better for longer and, post treatment, they are increasing their chances of staying in remission.  We can also look at how treatment has damaged their immune system and how well it is repairing and with the use of functional testing we can even go as far as looking at what oncogenes are active and maybe influencing the progress of cancer. 


You can find out more about testing here.

Getting cancer is also not down to poor lifestyle as the media would have you believe. There is increasing evidence on the implications of the following:

  • Toxicity

  • The body's ability to methylate

  • Stress

  • Viruses

  • Gut health and its role in preventing disease

  • Detoxification

  • The role of the liver in maintaining health

  • Endocrine balance and how that effects hormone related cancers

Now within this exciting worldwide development, one of the great challenges is the extensive volume of information and research that is now available. It's often very generalised, it's very contradictory, it's often quite confusing, and it's very stressful for anyone dealing with cancer and up to now, it has not yet been brought together properly and formatted in one place which can be accessed by the medical community and integrative practitioners. 


In partnership with Metacologica Life Sciences ('Metacologica'), a database has been created to empower practitioners to cut through the complexity and the confusion as well as the contradiction of data, and to enable them to create individual integrative, personalised programs.

So, this is the future of integrative metabolic therapies. It's science based, it's research based, it provides a methodical, safe, interactive approach that is going to be the future for the medical community, integrative practitioners, and most importantly, people dealing with cancer.

Meet The Team

Sue De Cesare - Operations

Patricia Peat - Founder 

Laura Ward - Executive Personal Assistant

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