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Yes to Life 'Pushing the Boundaries' Annual conference

Integrative Medicine is a living, rapidly expanding science, with new understandings and potential being unveiled on a daily basis.


Speakers include Patricia Peat, ex Registered General Nurse Dip Pall C Dip UTR Head of Cancer Options; Dr Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO; Dr Olivia Lesslar, Functional Medicine

ME/CFS; Michael Lerner, President and Co-founder of  CancerChoices;  Dr Michael Castro, Neuro-Oncologist; Dr Sean Devlin,DO, HMD Integrative Medicine; Robin Daly, Yes to Life Founder and Chairman; and many more.


This year’s conferences – one online in the Summer, and one in-person in the Autumn – share the title ‘Pushing the Boundaries’, as we have decided to devote them both to looking at the latest developments in Integrative Medicine, across the board.


So that includes new techniques, new scientific understandings, and new applications for existing therapies, and you’ll be hearing fresh insights from some of your most trusted clinicians and scientists, and led into unfamiliar territory by pioneering speakers who may be as yet unfamiliar. 


The conferences are being co-created by Patricia Peat from Cancer Options and the Peat Institute and Yes to Life, with the aim of sending our audiences home with a wealth of resources on which to be able to draw for their own needs. Both events will be priced for accessibility, and the in-person Autumn Conference will include an extensive Exhibition that will offer yet more knowledge and resources to delegates.

Early Bird tickets from only £15. (or get the combo ticket for £40 to attend both days, 22nd June online and 28th September in person, in London)



Yes to Life celebrates twenty years of service


Yes to Life, the UK's only integrated cancer care charity reaches 20 years old this month.  Yes to Life was founded by Robin Daly after the death of his daughter Bryony who contracted cancer aged 9, dying at 23 after 2 recurrences.  The immense difficulties the family faced making their treatment choices prompted him to set up the charity to help others in similar situation.  Cancer Options has worked alongside Yes to Life for many years and wishes everyone who works there a very Happy 20th Year celebration and congratulations for making it to 20 in a very challenging environment. Click below to find out more about their work.


Cancer Options welcomes Laura Ward to the team


We are please to announce that Laura Ward has joined cancer options as its new Executive Personal Assistant.

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Metabolic Flexibility Conference

On 23rd September 2023, some of the world’s top experts in the field of Metabolic Flexibility: Integrative Oncology in Action gathered in London to share their knowledge and experience in the field of Metabolic Flexibility. The latest research and knowledge about potential strategies which can be used by the medical field in understanding metabolic dependencies as a therapeutic approach to cancer were shared by the speakers as was their understanding of how cancer shows a high degree of metabolic flexibility to cues and stresses in their microenvironment.

Patricia Peat, founder of Cancer Options shared a new initiative which was being developed with Metacologica Life Sciences Ltd in the development of an interactive database to empower practitioners to cut through the complexity, confusion and contradiction of data, enabling them to create individualised, personalised programmes for their clients based on a fully integrated and metabolic approach.

Speakers: Patricia Peat; Dr Nasha Winters; Dr Tomas Duraj and Dr Abdul Kadir Slocum

Online interviews: Domini Kemp; Prof Valta Longo; Prof Sarper Diler; Elizabeth Thompson; Mark Lintern; Prof Serge Jurasunas; Prof Karol Sikora and Jane McLelland

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Jackie Fletcher's Fabulously KETO

On Wednesday 13th March, Patricia Peat will make a guest appearance on Jackie Fletcher's Fabulously KETO podcast series.

Jackie Fletcher is a qualified Network Nutrition Adviser, Primal Health Coach and Health and Wellbeing Coach, specialising in metabolic health.  She is currently training to qualify as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist.

Jackie is committed to not only improving her own health and wellbeing but to pay it forward to the wider community through her volunteering, health coaching and podcast. 

Starting her low carb journey in May 2017, she moved to a ketogenic way of eating in January 2018, and in May 2023, she has followed a mostly carnivore diet.

She is an ambassador for (Public Health Collaboration) a registered charity that is focused on improving public health.   


As a health coach, she encourages, motivates and educates clients with a personalised approach to eating real food and a positive way of living.  This message was central to the mission when she founded Fabulously Keto and The Fabulously Keto Podcast.


Jackie lives in the UK with her husband and twin boys. She is a black belt in Taekwondo and trains regularly. Most weeks she can be found open water swimming, even in the winter! 

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Dr. Michael Karlfeldt: Promoting integrative Cancer Care in Europe

In this podcast episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Patricia Peat, an influential figure in the field of integrative cancer care in Europe. We delved into the significance of community collaboration in finding solutions and empowering individuals. Patricia shed light on the advancements in functional testing and the scientific nature of integrative cancer care, dispelling the misconception that integrative approaches lack research.

During our discussion, we explored the limitations of tumor-centered treatment in standard oncology and the importance of considering the body's metabolism and promoting metabolic flexibility in cancer treatment. We also touched on the origins of chemotherapy from mustard gas and the need for a more effective approach.

Patricia shared her personal journey, recounting her realization of the flaws in the medical system and her growing concern for patients undergoing chemotherapy without guidance on recovery or improving their quality of life. Inspired by a patient named Jillian, who integrated alternative treatments alongside chemotherapy with remarkable results, Patricia established Cancer Options to provide information and support to individuals seeking integrative approaches to cancer care.

Despite facing resistance from the medical community, Patricia remained committed to exploring effective strategies while cautioning against potentially harmful practices. They advocate for a more integrated and holistic approach to cancer care, empowering individuals with knowledge about their own cancer and promoting the integration of alternative approaches.

This thought-provoking podcast challenges the status quo in cancer treatment, encouraging patients to trust their instincts, question standard approaches, and take charge of their own healthcare journey. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing the limitations of certain healthcare professionals and the need for informed decision-making. The podcast also highlights the significance of individual factors, long-term effects, and achieving better overall health in cancer treatment.

Join me as we explore the growth and potential of integrative cancer care and the importance of empowering individuals in their cancer treatment journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Patricia Peat as she shares her expertise and passion for a comprehensive and personalized approach to cancer care.

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