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Our Story 

Metacologica Life Sciences ('Metacologica') was born out of hearing the words –
“you have one year to live” and the frustration of being let down by the system

Stuart Fitton - Founder Metacologica


Stuart Fitton 

Visionary and Founder of Metacologica


Stuart was finally diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2019.  Role on to March 2020 and despite having undergone radical radiotherapy, chemotherapy and given the hormonal drug Enzalutamide, he was given one year to live.

Rather than give up, he decided to take back some control and started to do his own research to see if anything existed, which was scientifically based, that could support his recovery and he discovered a wealth of information based on science did indeed exist.


He created Metacologica and alongside Tim Hastings, Director of Development and Patricia Peat, Director of Research they have developed an interactive platform which holds scientific and research based data, looking at all aspects of cancer treatment and support from around the world.  Their aim is to empower practitioners to be able to cut through the complexity and the confusion and the contradiction of data to enable them to create individual personalised metabolic, integrative support programs for their clients.  The team has now been joined by Sue De Cesare (former CEO of Integrative cancer care charity Yes to Life) and other individuals are also ready to step in to help take the project forward.

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