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How do we know which approach or practitioner is right for us? 
We have 25 years’ experience of both oncology and integrative medicine. A lot of our work with you is about what will be the most suitable approach on every level. There is no magic formula it’s a case of getting to know you and working with you find a programme that works biochemically, financially, emotionally and is manageable within how you want to approach this. If you are looking at clinic based support or choosing a practitioner we pretty much know everybody. We will give you the most unbiased, honest appraisal available on whether a clinic or practitioner is worth you investing your time, money and health in.
Do you provide ongoing support?
Yes indeed we work alongside people for many years. I’m happy to say we have clients we have known a long time and are thrilled to see their success.

We will fit in as part of your team wherever needed, whether as the primary practitioner or for you to use as a sounding board on occasion or just check in and make sure you are not missing anything. It really is a service that you can tailor to suit yourself.

I keep getting contradictory advice about diet
So do we!, it’s a constantly evolving situation as new research comes along. However different cancers work differently metabolically so there is not one diet that is good for everybody with cancer.

Do I have to choose between orthodox and complementary medicine?

Not at all, our approach is that you should choose from the best of all the options, provided they have been shown to be safe and effective. We are happy to work with your orthodox team and discuss all aspects of your plans if you would like us to.

If natural approaches were any good surely the doctors would be using them, is there any evidence?
There are thousands of studies showing how nutraceuticals help the body reduce the environmental factors that support cancer cell growth and support normal cells in playing a larger part in control and repair. It's a new way of thinking about cancer.  We want the best for you, control cellular growth and repair and nurture to get the best result. It becomes less about what the doctor can do and more about what you can do, especially after orthodox treatment is finished. 

There are so many supplements, how do I know which ones are the right ones?
There are a lot of very expensive products available, and everything sounds helpful, we can help you identify an appropriate programme that is designed for you as an individual, and appropriate for your situation, your lifestyle and your budget.
It's expensive, how do I know it's working?

We can guide you so before opting for a treatment programme you will be fully informed of the practitioner, the treatment and the ongoing costs. We can often put people in touch with other clients who have made similar choices, and use biochemical profiling to assess regularly if the approaches you are taking are the right ones.

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