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The way in which we look at cancer is changing fast. Cancer Options are leading the movement embracing the research, science and evidence to support our clients with a fully integrated personalised plan

With our partners Metacologica Life Sciences, we have developed an interactive database to empower practitioners to cut through the complexity, confusion and contradiction of data, to enable them to create individual, personalised programs for their clients based on a fully integrated and metabolic approach.



About Us

Hi, I'm Patricia Peat, Founder of Cancer Options. 

I recognised the importance of looking at cancer through a  metabolic lens around 24 years ago, following several years working in orthodox medicine and running oncology clinics.


I really struggled with seeing people have cancer treatments without any recovery strategies put in place right through to preventing recurrence, and dealing with late stage strategies. So, I started researching what scientific evidence was available worldwide to address this.


In 2003 I set up Cancer Options so I could support people with cancer by looking at their individual needs.  Taking a metabolic, integrative approach I develop support plans for my clients which I review, monitor and adapt as their circumstances change . Cancer is not a static disease; its adaptive and clever and in understanding the metabolic environment, it provides me with an insight into how best to support my clients in an effective way.



Our Services


“When you get a traumatic diagnosis you need someone that is part of your team, on your side, and who gives you hope. She is a fountain of knowledge, is passionate about what she does, sincerely cares, and understands what you feel and what you need "

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